ideas: New location based dating application
ONLY for men and women to meet each other.

First question to register: do you believe in G-d?
if yes, can register.

if no, I'm sure you are blessed so much that
you feel you do not need him, 
call on him when you choose, 
this application is not for you.

Are you married?
if yes, I am sorry though no person 
is perfect, this app is not for you. 

if no, can register.

How app works.
Search parameters: location
Random swipe, but can go backwards and read previous 
profile and change mind. 
Email and app notification will go out after 1 min.

1. put text first then have to scroll down
2.  2nd put pictures

<3 mode: can switch on and off at any time, no one 
sees it's on including your matches: only show text.

Ad sometimes: encouraging men to approach in real life.