Love will win in the end.


2/19/2021 2/4 I am meant to struggle. It's meant to teach me. "Judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin." 10/27 Stop killing for no reason. We must have compassion on others and follow God. -The Voice of the People. -Soldier King What a day to be alive. So grateful to God for this day. 10/22 10/15 Listen, nothing is out of your reach. Literally nothing. But you need to understand something, if it supposed to be, it is only because God gives you the strength. September September 18 good morning, hope you get your dreams. September 11 have faith, be kind to others, do not live in a world of fear, but of courage. August August 10 See it to the end. August 3 unlock the love within you and reach your goals. July July 27 As i step towards the goals of the future, I thank God for his lent strength. Unlock your gifts to lead the future generation. July 15 June June 28 " May May 19 Makse sure you smile today. :) May 13 Home. May 12 Good Morning! God is good! May 11 even if we might lose, or get our hearts broken, a world without friendship is not a world worth living in April April 24 Good morning April 24 "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, it covers every part of me." April 22 I'm hopeful for today. :) April 20 Say something you can't take back April 15 maybe it's me that caused it: the fighting and the hurting, in my room crying cuz I didn't want to be a burden, watch mama open up her arms to hug me, and I ain't worried about a thing the elevation of today's generation if I could make them listen just lay your head on my shoulder, don't worry about a thing baby girl I'm a soldier. king :P April 14 Someday we'll know if love can move a mountain. April 13 Who is this king of glory? April 12 "Can't stay too long!" Jesus rose from the dead!!! Happy Easter!! April 10 Glory to God, forever!!! April 8 Tonight will begin the week celebration of passover. The Jewish people remember their delivery from slavery and bondage in Egypt. Through our problems we ask God to deliver us in this day. April 7 "I feel no shame, I'm proud of where I came." April 6 Every day I try. April 2 Loneliness, seeking to see the true hearts of people. April 1 The Lord will make a way somehow. March March 31 Ima try to get a billion dollars and a six pack and see if that helps :P. March 30 "Every next step is an extraordinary scene." " March 26 Whom shall I send, who will go for me, to the ends of the earth? Who will rise up for the king? Here Am I, send me. March 25 Through the darkness comes light.