Bless those who despite fully use you, do good to your enemies, and if someone steals from you, give them your coat too.

    I choose to follow him, not because anyone made me but because my mind thinks that's the right thing to do.  Everyone, in
all other religions think that they are fighting evil and doing God's will when they kill others and use his name.  Jesus
said you cannot attack your enemies, I feel that's the only way the world can attain peace.  Before you cast a stone at 
someone, you must be clean yourself.

    There is no such thing as a Christian Military Army if you read the bible.  Only an army in spirit as it's not permitted 
to fight, I don't care if people choose not to follow it, that's what I believe is said in the word.

    People use his name to do the opposite of how he taught us to act, and in doing so, give Christians a bad name, but to follow Jesus, his actual teachings, is never a mistake.